Blame it on Ulysses

It's been a day. Not really a bad day but just some unexpected happenings. I'm supposed to be reading Ulysses for my book club. But I probably won't go to the next meeting on Saturday so I'm a little unmotivated. Not to mention the fact that it doesn't really make sense. So I was carrying the book around in my purse with the intent of reading it and building some muscle tone. I do love to multi-task. Well, the sunglasses got broken. They might be repairable. The sunglasses were broken after the flat tire. Can Ulysses be blamed for the flat tire? Maybe. I'll certainly try. Well, I've been doing lots of crafting and have some things to show. The flower fabric in the picture above is being made into some zippered pouches.
Here are a couple of dresses from a pattern I adapted. The dotted one on the right is made from IKEA fabric and is the muslin. I really like it though and may still wear it. I wrote about my plan for the pink striped one before.

The sleeves are more tulip sleeves than lantern sleeves.
I making a third using the same pattern. This one will have a zippered back and be a little more fitted. I added a curved bust dart to the front. There may also be a flounce at the hem because I accidentally cut the front shorter than I had intended.
Another project I just started is a knitted tunic using Plymouth Jean Nee. It's a really soft yarn. I'm knitting in the round from the top down and just making it up as I go. Let's hope it works! My great discovery of the week as that tiny ponytail holders make great stitch markers. They are thin, easy to handle and pliable yet firm.