Crochet Pieces

Wow it's already Monday and I didn't post all weekend. I spent most of Friday through Sunday trying to dust mite proof my apartment and I'm afraid there's still more to do. I did get some crochet done but no projects were completed.These granny squares are going to be the top part of a blouse.
This is the crocheted edge of the sleeve of this sweater. I finished the crochet on both sleeves but have only just begun crocheting around the entire edge of the body. I think it will take a while. My biggest question about crocheting on to knit pieces is how to determine how many crochet stitches to make. I suppose it's a little like the pick up and knit technique.
Last week I was thrilled to find that my website was mentioned on the Craft magazine blog. Natalie from Craft found it mentioned first on the Bleu Arts blog. A big thank you goes to both of them. I have plans in the works to get back to working on the website and updating it this week.