I lost my ruffles!!!

Don't hate me. I made a pretty drastic change to the ruffled dress I asked for advice on (and for which I received lovely comments and great advice). I think you will be understanding. I was having some trouble completing the dress because frankly it was not terribly flattering. That many ruffles on my top heavy frame was a silly idea. Something had to be done.

I removed all the ruffles.

Well, I kept a few for the one pocket, centered directly on the side seam.
So that I can wear the dress backwards or forwards.
I think I like it better backwards! (Note to self: make more low-back clothes.) My only hesitation is the candy-striper feel of it. I spent so much time doing those ruffles, cutting bias strips, hemming and gathering. But they had to go and I'm okay with that. I am sort of embarrassed however that I shared the dress, received very lovely comments (thank you!) and then completely changed it. Anyone need some slightly used ruffles?