Long Knitted Vest

I finished a number of projects this weekend so with any luck I'll have some regular posts this week. First up is a long knitted vest from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2008. This knitting project came together relatively quickly for a large project. I mentioned it last month when I began the project.

Not unusual for me, I did not use the recommended yarn. I used an Italian merino wool in a similar weight, called Dive Zenith. Throwing caution to the wind, I also didn't block my swatch. It turned out just fine but a knitter should not be so foolish. The stitch pattern is beautiful and keeps the mind occupied while knitting. To see close-up photos of the stitch pattern, visit the blog of the designer, Simona Merchant-Dest. The stitch pattern becomes particularly striking after blocking.I had no problems with the pattern and quite like the result despite the serious, slightly frightened expression on my face. I imagine the expression is a bit how I looked during the earthquake this morning. It was my first real earthquake and I was shaken (pun unintentional) by the event. There was no damage except for the rug burn I got on my knee when I dove under my desk. The more experienced Californians just rode it out. Quite an exciting day.