DIY Camera Strap

Inspired by this camera strap tutorial on the Design Love Fest blog and my recent foray into fabric painting, I made this camera for my Holga 120N. The strap that came with the camera was a very thin black and red striped webbing.
To make my strap, I gathered some materials from my stash: 2 metal D-rings, webbing (ugly camouflage pattern that I am all too happy to cover up) and fabric. The materials came together perfectly for this project.The D-rings are perfectly sized to the webbing and the webbing was just long enough – 29.5 inches. The strip of fabric was from a failed skirt waistband and already interfaced.

I cut the fabric 2.5 inches wide by 31.5 inches long. I stitched it into a long tube using a .25 inch seam allowance and turned it right side out. I then slid the fabric over the webbing and painted on my design.
I folded in the raw edge of the fabric, slipped on a D-ring, and folded the fabric over it to the wrong side of the strap, added a bit of glue and held it all in place with a binder clip until it dried. To finish I stitched through all the layers using a heavy weight sewing needle. And all done! 
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