Vintage Pattern Inspiration – Butterick 8566

This dress looks like it stepped right out of an old Hollywood movie.  I can not find a copyright date on the pattern, nor can I find it on the internet (not doing a quick search anyway). There is another Butterick 8566 here on the Vintage Sewing Patterns Wiki that is from the 1950s. By the style of the dress and the illustration, I would guess that this pattern is from the late 1930s or early 1940s. This pattern has an interesting feature listed on the back – "Let-Out Seams". It provides extra wide seam allowances so one can let out the dress up to 1.5 inches at the bust and hips. Genius. And rather forgiving. Have you ever seen this pattern before? Isn't it lovely? Don't you wish we still wore jaunty hats that matched our dresses?