Refashion – DIY Men's Shirt to Casual Dress

This is a casual little dress that I re-fashioned from a thrift store men's dress shirt and some scrap chambray fabric I had on hand. The shirt cost just a few dollars and was an extra large size meaning lots of fabric to use. Scroll down for some instructions...

This was a pretty quick dress to refashion and I still have some leftover bits from the shirt that I can use for something or other.

Here's how to do it:
1. Make the yoke. Cut front and back pieces from contrasting fabric with a center back seam and open at the front. I angled the front a bit to make a V-neck. I based my pattern on Vogue V8414 which I think is now out of print.
2. Remove the sleeves and collar from the shirt. Estimate the length you want and trim the top off the shirt straight across. Take in the sides as needed.
3. Stitch the yokes to the front and back.
4. Cut bias strips from the sleeves you removed from the shirt. Use the bias strips to finish the armholes and neck edge.

My only worry is that it turned out a little like a very short house coat. Although if I was 5 inches shorter, the length would not be an issue. But it is a cute little dress and great for the weekend.