Vintage Shirtdress Refashion

I inherited this vintage shirtdress with a modern circle print from my great-aunt. As-is it was a bit too small for me. But when I turned it inside out, I could see that the dress had been shortened at the waist and hem. I also found strips of this fabric that I think came from the hem.

All I had to do to alter this dress was undo the stitching at the waist and side seams (darts included) and then stitch it back together. Actually, I had to patch part of the button band at the waist that had been trimmed away. I matched the fabric carefully and you can hardly see the patch. And, the self fabric belt covers the patch completely.

Did you see the button placement? Grouped in pairs. So clever and such an easy way to add an interesting detail without any extra work.

I love the fabric pattern of this dress. For some reason it reminds me of mid-century style ceramics. Maybe it's the circles. I love the variety of circles and that they're not perfectly round and have a rough scratched up look.