Spring Wardrobe – No. 4 Pencil Skirt

Here's number 4 in my handmade Spring Wardrobe, a simple navy pencil skirt, one of those wardrobe staples that everyone needs and, if you're drawn to colorful things like I am, is so often overlooked. This is a piece that can be worn with practically anything but I think it will primarily be worn to work. So, a little boring but a solid workhorse nonetheless.

I used Simplicity 4047 (now out of print) and a piece of polyester remnant fabric. This skirt pattern is very basic, no lining and no waistband. I moved the zipper from the side to the center back seam. Just like with my Pleated Pants, I had to make a fit adjustment to the skirt. I went so quickly that I didn't do a good job of pre-measuring the finished size. So, after it was all completed, I realized that it was about 2 inches too big. So, I removed the zipper and took it in at the center back. I also removed the kick pleat as it really wasn't necessary. So, now the skirt sits just below the natural waist and no longer makes me look like humpty dumpty.

Above outfit:
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