Spring Wardrobe – No. 5 Pleated Pants Vogue V8657

Can I just say right off the bat that I totally love these pants? Number 5 on my list of Spring Wardrobe items these pants are made using Vogue pattern V8657 in a thick grey knit fabric. The pattern is now out of print but still totally of the moment. By the way, did you see yesterday's Pleated Pants moodboard? These pants are so comfy and easy to wear. 

In all honesty they're not the most flattering pants ever but I did some extra fitting adjustments to make them a little more figure friendly. When I first stitched them together, they were too baggy in the seat and thighs. I ended up cutting off about an inch and a half from the back side seam of each leg and took in the back bottom seam about half an inch. I also tapered the pants to the ankle a little more than the pattern. I hemmed the pants just above the ankle to create an even more dramatic narrowing. Seeing the glimpse of ankle bone emphasizes the narrowing of the legs.

I do recommend the pattern with the caveat to be careful of the sizing. A few years ago I made the jacket from V8657, also in a grey knit. I don't wear it a lot but it's pretty cool design and maybe some day I'll make it again in a woven.

Above outfit:
Jersey blazer from Zara (btw, I really love this blazer and wear it all the time) 
Aldo tassled crossbody bag (similar to this)
and studded heels (similar to these)

This style of pants looks most chic when worn with a tucked in shirt and heels. Although just hanging around on the weekend I will for sure be wearing flats from time to time. A baggy shirt just emphasizes the bagginess of the pants so tucked in shirt that shows off the pleats actually looks pretty good.

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