DIY Tutorial – Turban Headband

You know those days when your hair looks less than stellar (as in a tangled funky mess) or you desperately need a haircut and just want it off your face (me right now)? Those are the days when you need a chic turban headband to cover up the mess and make you feel like a 1940s movie star. 

As soon as I saw this headband from Anthropologie I knew I wanted to try my own version. I love the graphic, tribal print on the fabric and the simple loop at the top. This project is very easy to make, only taking about an hour to complete. The turban style look is created by looping two pieces of fabric together at the center of the headband. It's a cool, retro look and really easy to replicate. The fabric I used here has a hint of animal print flair in it mixed with the cool blue colors I love so much.

You can use a light to medium weight cotton or a light weight sheer fabric. You can also cover the elastic with a contrasting fabric like in the headband at the top left. I made four of these and I did find the sizing to be a little tricky. Depending on what kind of fabric you use, the headband will stretch or not stretch. My head is small so if yours run large, you might want to cut your strips longer than 20 inches. I also recommend testing the size of the headband before cutting your elastic. That way you can make it as tight or as loose as you like.

DIY Turban Headband

1/4 yard fabric
4-6 inches 1 inch wide elastic


Step 1: Cut 2 pieces of fabric about 20 inches by 10 inches. (If you don't have enough fabric you can cut the lengths thinner. Your headband will be thinner but that's ok too.)

Step 2: Fold each long fabric strip right sides together. Stitch the lengthwise side tapering at the ends. Trim seam allowance.

Step 3: Turn long strips right side, fold in half and loop together with centers meeting. Fold ends of fabric in and pin to elastic. Try on and adjust length of elastic to fit your head. Cut elastic to desired length.

Step 4: Cut 1 piece of fabric 3.75 inches wide and 3 inches longer than the length of the elastic. If your elastic is 5 inches long cut the fabric 3.75 inches by 8 inches. Fold in half lengthwise and stitch using 3/8 inch seam allowance.

Step 5: Stitch elastic to one end of fabric.

Step 6: Slide small fabric tube onto elastic with wrong side out. Then pin remaining side of headband fabric to elastic and push tube down over headband aligning the raw edges. Stitch remaining end of fabric to elastic and and tube. Make sure to stitch outside of elastic so that when you fold the small tube right side shut the elastic will be covered.

Step 7: Turn fabric tube right side out, covering the elastic. Fold in raw edge and hand stitch in place.

And you're all done! This is a great project for using up small pieces of leftover fabric or lovely remnant bits from the bargain bin. Trust me once you've made one, you'll be able to whip up another one very quickly.

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