How to DIY – Inspired by The Parent Trap

So this DIY inspiration might be a little better suited to Halloween but I when I think of summer time camping I can't help but think of the Parent Trap. I love the movie The Parent Trap so much. And I'm talking the classic 1961 version. Yes, the Lindsay Lohan version has its merits but it's a copy of the original and in my mind you can't do any better than that. I watched the movie for the bajillionth time this weekend (on VHS – yes, I still have a VCR :) and it honestly holds up. The camp scenes are some of my favorites. The antics those girls got up to – the canoe tipping, the honey, the skirt cutting. Before long they make nice, discover they are twin sisters and sing one of the funnest duets in movie history.

How to DIY a Parent Trap Camp Uniform

Step 1 The inspiration – if you haven't already seen The Parent Trap you must do so immediately. It's delightful.

Step 2 The camp uniform is a very basic button up shirt and shorts. For the shirt, I would use McCall's M6613, View A. For the shorts, there is a free pattern on the blog Fine Motor Skills called the Jimmy Shorts. They are simple pleated shorts and I'd love to try the pattern sometime. Make the shorts in green and add a white racing stripe up the side.

Step 3 All you need for this outfit is a basic cotton or blend in green and white. has a white cotton poly twill. For the green you might try this green cotton from Low Price Fabric.

Moving beyond the crazy camp activities you get the gorgeous Maureen O'Hara, the delightfully icy Vicki and plenty of divine early 1960s fashion. A more realistic DIY than the camp outfit might be to emulate one of the beautiful ladies garments from the movie. Once the movie shifts to California, Maureen O'Hara wears mostly open, round neck blouses or dresses with full skirts like Vogue V2960. The ice queen Vicki wears slim column dresses and jackets similar to Butterick B5032.

The other Parent Trap inspired outfit I'd love to own is one of the amazing one piece bathing suits the girls wear. I haven't been able to find a current pattern for a similar one though. Do you love The Parent Trap as much as I do? Which outfit would you like to wear?

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