Fall Sewing No. 2 – Refashioned Skirt

My favorite thing about refashioning garments is how much time it can save. I mean who doesn't love saving time, right? This skirt started out as a 1980s-era dress with large pearl-like buttons all the way up the front. I had plans to make the dress into a skirt over a year ago but never finished. Lately, I've been trying to clean up my closets and finish abandoned projects. When I pulled this one out of the bin, I had a flash of inspiration that I could add a black knit waistband and finish this one off.

To start I removed the bodice from the dress. Then I cut a strip of black knit fabric for a waistband. I lightly gathered the top of the skirt, threaded a loop of elastic into the folded waistband and attached it to the skirt stretching the waistband a little bit so that it would pull over the hips easily. Initially I was going to leave the skirt unlined but it was too sheer so I traced the skirt and made a lining, stitching it to the seam for the waistband.

With the flouncy skirt and cream and black colors, this skirt reminds me of a ballerina's. It's sweet and fun and maybe when styled a certain way (like Monday's moodboard) it could be a little punk. Or, as I'm wearing it here, a little nerdy and a little ballerina.

Shown here with:
Nerdy Glasses (similar to these and these)
Pink Henley Tank from J.Crew (similar to this and this)
Dancing Shoes (similar to these and these)

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