How to DIY a Fluffy Cardigan

Yesterday I showed you some sweater weather inspiration. So today, I'm veering from my usual sewing DIY inspiration to explore knitting. I don't do as much knitting as I used to partly because it's so warm all year round in LA and partly because sewing is so much quicker. But every once in a while I dig out the needles and get clicking.

How to DIY A Fluffy Cardigan

Step 1 I really, really love this inspiration photo. This is the kind of outfit I could easily wear every day of the week (weather permitting of course :). The sweater is the Emile Cardigan from Anthropologie. I love big, drapey sweaters and often wear one instead of a coat.

Step 2 The Cool Winter Cardigan pattern from Pickles is a really close match to our inspiration sweater. And the medium size of the pattern is free. (yay!) This cardigan is a classic shape with a long body and sleeves and buttons starting at the mid torso. If you knit and you've never had a look at the Pickles, you should check it out asap. They have a ton of beautiful patterns that are usually free.

Step 3 The fluffiness of the sweater is created by the yarn. Rowan Kidsilk Haze is a mohair blend that will knit up into a soft, lovely, fluffy cardi. I have actually used this yarn twice before and can vouch that it is a very soft, lightweight yarn.

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