DIY Brocade Pencil Skirt

Today, I am presenting the second part of my neon orange brocade two-piece-setacular. Yesterday, I shared the crop top and today I have the matching pencil skirt. It is really fun to plan out a two piece set. I will have to find just the right occasion to wear these two together (full body neon does make quite a statement) but I'm sure to get some use out of these pieces separately without too much trouble.

The shape is very basic but the fabric is not at all. I found this fabric in a bargain bin and snatched it right up. It was very easy to work with, the only problem being a tendency to fray. As with the crop top, I used a bright pink fabric for the lining. I love the hidden pop of contrasting color.

For the pattern, I used a vintage pattern that I bought at the thrift store some time ago. I really wanted a pencil skirt with a waistband and found that most of the patterns in my stash do not have one. I can't imagine why not. I think the waistband makes the skirt look really finished. Anyway, I've never seen another pattern from this brand before and it didn't include any instructions, just the pattern pieces. In the copyright line, it says "Sewing Step-By-Step" and from the photos I'm pretty confident that it's from the 80s. Have you ever seen one of these patterns? Here's a similar one on etsy.

I do love the silhouette of this two-piece. I had a hard time getting really good photos of this. They're all a little bit blurry. Perhaps the color was just too much for the camera to handle. ;)

I had to do a little fitting with the pattern but I've now adjusted my traced pattern pieces to reflect the alterations and I think I'll be ready to go next time I decide to make a pencil skirt.