DIY Tutorial – Beaded Tassel Ornaments

I'm kind of a Christmas tree collector. Every year or two I add another little one to my collection. One day, I want to have a whole forest. :) This year I added a 4 foot tall white one to the collection. To celebrate, I created an all new set of neon ornaments. The beaded tassels are the heroes of the group. They are really fun and easy to make. These would be a great craft to make with kids or craft-fearing folks, they're so fun, easy to make and cheerful, no one can resist their charm.

How to Make Beaded Tassel Ornaments




Large Eye Needle

Wooden Beads

Small piece of cardboard


Step 1: Cut a piece of cardboard the desired length of the tassel or use something thin and sturdy like a small notebook, as seen in the photos. Wrap yarn around the cardboard until you have the desired thickness. Cut a piece of yarn about 14 inches long, fold in half, push under yarn bundle and make loop knot.

Step 2: Carefully, slip yarn off the cardboard. Cut a second piece of yarn about 12 inches long. wrap around top of yarn bundle and knot. Wrap yarn around a few more times, knot and trim.

Step 3: Cut loops of yarn at bottom of bundle. Trim if desired.

Step 4: Thread ends of yarn at top of tassel onto needle and attach two beads. Knot ends of yarn and trim.

If you want to use light weight thread or embroidery floss instead of yarn, see my tutorial for making tassels here. It's a little more detailed and will make a cleaner finish with those delicate threads.


I hope that you enjoy this little tutorial. Come back tomorrow and see what my tree looks like all dolled up in neon!