DIY Strappy Romper Refashion

I’ve been making a regular habit of evaluating my closet and weeding out the things that are not used. It helps keep the space under control and helps me figure out what new makes I need and what’s most likely to be worn. A few years ago I made a strappy dress from the book I Am Cute Dresses. I spent a lot of time getting the fit of those straps just right and while I liked it I rarely wore it. With all that time invested, I really didn’t want to part with it. So a refashion was in order.

The skirt of the dress was essentially a really big square with a hole in the middle for the waist. The volume of the skirt was actually one of the reasons I didn’t wear the dress. It was just too much to be really flattering. But with all that fabric, I was pretty confident that I’d be able to refashion it.

I used the Sanibel Dress/Romper pattern by Hey June to make a dress back in February (see it here) and it quickly became one of my most worn garments. I often wear it to work layered with a sweater to stay warm in the indoor AC environment. I’ve been wanting to also try the romper version so I decided to give it a whirl for this project.

This dress had a very similar construction to the Sanibel with a drawstring casing that is attached to the bottom of the bodice. I removed the skirt and cut out the shorts pieces using the Sanibel pattern. I was very lucky to discover that the waist of the shorts was a pretty exact match in size to the waist of my bodice. It really could not have been more perfect. I put together the shorts and attached it to the bodice. And it was all done. There are no closures on the romper. I just step in through the bodice and pull it on.

I made a size medium. There's plenty of ease in this pattern and for reference my measurements are roughly 38/28/39. The shorts do look pretty short but I think they're the right length for a romper. I did not change the length at all and for reference I'm 5'11" so they do look shorter on me than the average height.

The fabric is a little sheer which isn’t a big deal when you have a lot of volume in the skirt but this romper is more appropriate as a pool coverup or house only wear. I’ve been wearing it a lot around the house with one of my lounge bras. It’s super comfy and perfect for warm weather months.

I’d really like to make the Sanibel Romper again using the bodice that comes with the pattern. The only change I might make is to shorten the depth of the front scoop pockets. They are pretty long which makes for a more unique design but I might like them more a little shorter. Do you have a favorite romper pattern? Have you tried the Sanibel yet?