Me Made May 2017 Recap

This month has truly flown by. I feel like it was just a couple days ago when I wasn’t sure if I wanted to participate this year or not. I was feeling kind of meh about the whole thing and not really sure what my goal was. Honestly, my goal is still a little murky. But, quickly after the start of the month, I did start enjoying being more thoughtful about what I would wear. This year was a little different from last year in that I was working fewer days, so my outfits were much more casual than if I was going to be seeing people. When I’m not going to the office I will wear whatever is most comfortable and sometimes that’s just a weird pile of clothes.

Looking back at my recaps from the last few years, I’m happy to see that I’m still wearing a lot of the same clothes. In the last few years, I’ve tried to be more strategic with my making and only make things that will get a lot of wear. With a few exceptions, I’ve done a good job of that.

I started reading The Curated Closet at the beginning of the month and I’m not very far into it yet but I hope to keep going with it. If I do, I’ll make sure to let you know my thoughts. I often feel like I have nothing to wear, which is silly when I look back and see all these outfits. But, I’d like to be able to open my closet and feel really happy about everything in it. It’s frustrating to have a rack of clothes that I just don’t feel like wearing.

It’s all a work in progress really. My personal style (and tbh my body!) have changed over the years and that requires a wardrobe change. In looking back at my MMM recaps from the last few years, I like seeing that there are pieces that I’m still wearing years later. It’s also interesting to see how much my wardrobe has changed since 2013. I was wearing a lot more vintage and refashioned clothing then. (Links at the very bottom of the post to past years' recaps.)

Me Made May 2017

Day 1 Ikat print Ella Top (not yet blogged), woven High waist modified hudson pants, Knit lou box top and Geneva Panties

Day 2 Wide Leg Vogue V8836 Pants

Day 3 Peplum Top, Alexandria Pants, Blackwood Cardigan

Day 4 Striped Racerback Maxi

Day 5 Striped Knit Lou Box Topwoven Hudson Pants

Day 6 Zip Front Denim SkirtCap Sleeve Nettie Bodysuit 

Day 7 Hudson Pants, Soma Lounge Bra, Geneva Panties, Self-drafted Tee

Day 8 Rumi Tank, Linden Sweatshirt (unblogged), Virginia Leggings with yoga-style stirrups (free pattern in link!)

Day 9 Hand-knitted socks, Virginia Leggings (repeat from Day 8), Florence lounge bra, self-drafted sweatshirt

Day 10 Striped Knit Lou Box Top, Blackwood Cardigan

Day 11 Alder Shirtdress and Blackwood Cardigan (repeat from Day 10)

Day 12 Inari Tee Dress and Driftless Cardigan

Day 13 Watson Bra, Self-drafted Top, Alexandria Shorts

Day 14 Zadie Dress and Driftless Cardigan

Day 15 Self-drafted sweatshirt and tank

Day 16 Knit Fair Isle Hudson Pants, self-drafted tee

Day 17 Alexandria Shorts, self-drafted tee

Day 18 Sanibel Dress

Day 19 Teal Racerback Knit Dress Simplicity 2443

Day 20 Self drafted dress

Day 21 Silk Inari Dress

Day 22 Brumby Skirt and Ikat print tank

Day 23 Dove Blouse

Day 24 Polka Dot Ella Top and Blackwood Cardigan

Day 25/26 Cap Sleeve Nettie Bodysuit 

Day 27 Striped Knit Dress (self-drafted)

Day 28 Watson Bra and Knit Jumpsuit McCall's M7099

Day 29 Plaid Cross Back Dress Butterick B6351 and Blackwood Cardigan

Day 30 Alexandria Shorts, Florence lounge bra, self-drafted tee

Day 31 Self-drafted sweatshirt, Alexandria Shorts, Lou Box Top

Did you participate in Me Made May? What were your learnings from the month?