Fall 2018 Sewing Plans

For the first 7 months of the year, my sewing queue was pretty focused on making things for my trips to Denmark and Hawaii. Now that the trips are done I’m ready to refocus on my everyday wardrobe. I participated in the Seamwork Design Your Wardrobe program earlier this year. It really helped me determine what styles I gravitate towards and need to add to my wardrobe. I’ve had a list of patterns and a huge pile of fabric just waiting for me to job back in and start sewing. 

But with such a big list and limited time (I’m planning to release a new pattern very soon!) it’s hard to decide where to start. I recently heard about the #SeasonalSew3 idea that was started by the gals at Sew Altered Style. It’s like the Make 9 but it’s for a shorter period of time. I really like the idea because I find myself often changing my mind a few months into the year and not making half of what’s on my list. So I’ve selected 3 pieces as my top goal (numbers 1-3 in the list below) and have a few more to round out the inspiration queue.  

1. Lander Pants by True Bias
I actually did a muslin of these months ago and then set them aside to focus on sewing for Hawaii. The pattern still needs an adjustment or two but I’m not starting at zero. I’d also love to try the Persephone Pants by Anna Allen Clothing but will force myself to focus for the moment. :) When the Fabric Store closed earlier this year, I picked up a lot of pants fabric so I think I already have some good options in my stash. 

2. Esme Cardigan by Named Patterns
I love wearing cardigans and I’m excited to try out this pattern. I’m going to be making this as a collaboration with StyleMaker Fabrics so it is guaranteed to be made soon and to be fabulous. 

3. Hadley Top by Grainline Studio
This pattern looks like such a classic, just the kind of thing that I’d wear everyday. 

4. McCall’s M7788 Jumpsuit
This is another one I’ve started and want to finish. I think the design is really unique and cool and I’m curious how it would turn out. I’ve cut out the pattern and attempted a tissue fitting. The pattern pieces are currently a jumble in the closet but I’d still love to give it a go. I’m definitely on the fence about the faux skirt wrap. It takes a lot of fabric and may look weird.  

5. Calyer Pants by French Navy Now
I love the design of these pants and bought the pattern a few months ago. On work days, pants are my go-to and I’d love to add another style to my rotation.

6. Kalle Crop Top by Closet Case Patterns
I made a Kalle dress earlier this year and I’d love to have to crop to wear with high waisted jeans. I think it would make a great wardrobe staple. 

And just in case you’re interested, here’s my extra extended list if I’m somehow able to add a few hours to the day. :)

7. Willamette Shirt or Cheyenne Tunic by Hey June
I have both of these patterns and I’d really like to try the Willamette again in a more drapey fabric. 

8. Kobe Dress + Mito Cami by Papercut Patterns
These are on my Make 9 list. I love the cross over back design of the dress. And the Mito is perfect to layer underneath. I have copy shop versions printed of these patterns and fabric in the stash so it’s just a matter of queue and time. 

9. Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Patterns
JEANS. I wear jeans all the time and my RTW pairs are really starting to show some wear in the tush. I’ve only made one pair before and would love to give the Gingers a go. I enjoy wearing both flare and skinny styles so I love the options with this pattern. Again, I have the copy shop version printed and fabric on hand.

10. Ulysses Trench by Victory Patterns
This pattern is kind of my dream pattern. It’s so beautiful and elegant (maybe a little too much for work wear) but I think this is a piece that I’d be really proud of making. It’s outside of my usual repertoire and I think could be challenging in a good way. Also I've never made a Victory pattern before and it would be really fun to try out a new-to-me designer.

Have you started planning your fall sewing yet? Anyone else have a hard time narrowing down their sewing lists?