VIDEO How to Print and Assemble PDF Sewing Patterns

Learn how to print and assemble PDF sewing patterns in this video from Sew DIY

Today’s video is a big one! I share my top reasons why pdf patterns are awesome (just in case you’re not already convinced). Then I share my top tips for how to successfully print pdf patterns (including the printer settings you need to make sure the entire pattern prints on the page). And finally I show how to efficiently assemble and cut the pattern. I even show you the techniques I learned in design school for safely using an exacto knife or blade. I’ve never cut off a finger using these techniques so hopefully it will help you and keep your fingers safe too!

If you want to skip ahead to printing tips go to the time stamp 3:20. To jump to how to assemble a pdf pattern skip to 6:20. And if you’re looking for some super cute cat photobombs make sure to watch the assembling part. I really hope that you enjoy this video and that it helps make your sewing adventures easier and more fun. If you haven’t started following my on YouTube yet, I would be so honored if you do so. (Just click right here to subscribe.) I release a new video about sewing every week so there’s lots of helpful and fun sewing related content for you to watch. Happy sewing!