Let's Talk About WIP's – What I Made in January

It feels particularly hard to write this month’s “works-in-progress” update. The news has been very distressing to me and also very distracting. As is usual in January, my freelance work was light so I’ve been able to spend more time sewing and making. I spent much of December and the first part of January working on pussyhats for the Women’s March. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have already seen the stacks of hats I made. 

As soon as I heard about the Women’s March, I knew that I wanted to attend. Initially, it was just about healthcare which I have very selfish interests in. As someone who has been denied healthcare because of a pre-existing condition (I was receiving allergy treatments at the time, yup, allergies), I can understand and empathize with the terror of not being able to receive healthcare or the threat of going in to significant debt over it. Before the ACA, I thought that I would always have to work for a corporation in order to be on a group health plan. When the ACA went into effect I was able to leave my job, start freelancing and finally start to release sewing patterns. I’m much happier, wealthier (not from the pattern sales btw :) and have more free time. I’m so, so, so lucky. I’m currently guaranteed my health plan for 2017 but after that I don’t know what will happen. 

After I got over my initial panic that I might lose my healthcare and have to dramatically change my lifestyle, I realized that there were many bigger issues worth marching for: religious freedom, immigration rights, LGBTQ rights, social justice, education, disability rights, science, the environment. I’m probably forgetting a lot of them. I believe that we need to treat all people equally and with respect and love no matter their race, religion, country of origin, gender, economic status, sexual orientation, education, or disability. I believe our diversity makes us stronger and until we all have equal rights, we are not truly equal.

I know that you’re not here to read about politics. But I also don’t want to look back and think that I didn’t say something when I could. If you've been feeling angry or worried or scared, I want you to know that I'm with you and even though we are spread all over the world, I will do whatever I can to stand up for our civil rights. 

I spent a lot of time knitting the last few months. I probably made at least 20 hats. Knitting is a very therapeutic craft. With an easy pattern, I don’t have to think about it at all. I can just let my hands move on their own. Making the hats made me feel like I was contributing in some way while also soothing my anxiety. I gave some to friends and family and donated the rest to marchers in DC. I went to a few events at my local knitting store, which also happens to be where the pussyhat project was started. I was interviewed on the news a few times, which was crazy. I spend so much time by myself making things, it was nice to be around other makers. 

On the sewing front, I finished three WIPs from last year and a few new projects too. I’m also working on developing some new patterns so there’s LOTS of secret sewing going on.

January finished projects

1. Emerson Shorts wearable muslin
Seen on IG here. Really cool pattern. I'll be revisiting these when the weather warms up.

2. Geneva Panties (7 pairs)
I blogged about these before here.

3. Sampler quilt
This was started way back in 2006!!!! Seen on IG here.

4. Pussyhats
Seen above and on IG here, herehere and here.

5. You Belong Here embroidery (seen above)
I made this for a project hosted by Gather Here. It was really nice to a different kind of stitching.

6. Rib Knit Toaster Sweater 1
I made this as part of Sew My Style. It's another super cozy make.

7. Plaid Pajama Pants – Ultimate Pyjamas
This was my first make from my 2017 Make Nine list. They are super soft and I love them. 

8. Zadie Dress by Tilly & The Buttons
I got a pre-release copy of the pattern and will be sharing it as soon as the pattern is officially released. Stay tuned!

Current WIPs

1. Blue Abstract Print Peplum Top
This has been in the works for a while. When I lengthened it, the proportions got messed up so I'm planning to recut the peplum. I'm really almost done! But it's not the season anymore so it's on the back burner for now.

2. Find Your Fade shawl
After all that pink, I was ready for something a little different but want to continue knitting. So I bought some yarn from my LYS and started the Find Your Fade shawl by Drea Renee Knits. I’m already onto the second color and it’s going pretty well. I tripped up on a few parts of the pattern but it was always my fault. The great thing about knitting is that it’s pretty easy to undo.

3. Stars Hollow Quilt
I started the Stars Hollow Quilt (design by Suzy Quilts) in January, using fabric I already had in my stash. I'm notoriously bad at finishing a quilt but I'm making some good progress. 

If you're looking for a fun way to track your projects, check out my FREE printable Sewing Calendar (pictured in the top photo). I've really enjoyed seeing so many people using their calendars on Instagram. Thank you guys for following along and HAPPY SEWING!!!