VIDEO Sewalong - How to Sew the Lou Box Top in Knit Fabric

Today I have our very first sewalong video. In the past, I’ve done sewalongs using photos and text but now that I’m getting more familiar with making videos and have a real YouTube channel, I thought it would be fun to do a video. This video goes step by step through the sewing process of making the Lou Box Top pattern. This pattern comes with instructions for sewing it in woven and in knit fabric. There is an existing sewalong for the Lou Box Top right here and it mostly covers sewing the top with woven fabric. So I thought it could be helpful for this video to be all about sewing with knit fabric. 

I have a couple of other videos about sewing with knits that may be helpful to you. The first is tips for sewing with knits and the second is how to use a twin needle. In the video I use both a conventional sewing machine and a serger. If you don’t have a serger you can use only a conventional machine. Just make sure to use a stitch that stretch for your seams. You can use a narrow zig zag stitch or a lightning stitch. 

One more note, these instructions favor sewing things flat instead of in the round because I think that’s little easier for beginners. (Specifically the neckline and sleeves are sewn flat.) But, it’s totally personal preference. I will be doing another video soon about sewing a neck band in the round so stay tuned for that. You can follow me on YouTube to be notified when new videos are released. And if you haven’t gotten your paws on the Lou Box Top pattern yet, you can get it right here. Happy sewing!

P.S. One more note! :) The top I make and wear in the video has a lower and wider scoop neck than the final pattern. This was one of my tester versions and after sewing it and getting tester feedback, I realized that it was too deep. The final pattern is much closer to the original pattern release.