Lou Box Top - Selecting your size

How to Measure Yourself and Select Your Size - Lou Box Top

In today’s post, we will be giving tips for how to measure yourself and going over the most important measurements for sewing the Lou Box Top. The video is packed full of tips for measuring yourself and important things to think about when you select your size. These tips are focused on the Lou Box Top but will be helpful for any time you sew a pattern.

A few important things to know about this pattern. The Lou Box Top is designed for someone who is 5’10” and has a C-cup bust (meaning the bust is 3” larger than the upper bust). This pattern has 10” of ease at the bust and hangs straight down from there. The size chart does not cover waist and hip because it’s the same as the bust in this pattern.

Take your measurements.

We recommend taking new measurements every time you sew a project because every pattern will have a different size chart and our bodies change over time. To take your measurements, you’ll need a flexible measuring tape. It’s also important to wear very tight fitting clothing and measure yourself in front of mirror. We also recommend wearing the bra that you plan on wearing with your garment as different bras create a different bust measurement and position.

For the Lou Box Top, the most important measurements are the upper bust and bust (aka full bust). If the difference between these two measurements is 4 or more inches, then we recommend that you select a size based on your upper bust and do a full bust adjustment (FBA). Later this week we will be posting a tutorial with two ways to do an FBA.

Other measurements to consider

If your waist or hip measurements are larger than your bust you may want to grade out the pattern. A quick way to test the ease is to hold the flexible tape measure around your body. Make the tape measure into a loop at the finished garment size and position it over your bust, waist and hips to visually see how much ease there is. This is a little hard to describe in words but we demonstrate it in the video. See the image above for how to grade out the Lou Box Top pattern at the waist and hips.

We also recommend checking the bicep measurement against the armhole opening. The size chart provides finished measurements for the armhole opening.

Instances when you may want to size down

1. If your full bust is 4 or more inches larger than upper bust, then select size according to upper bust and make a full bust adjustment (mentioned above)

2. When using knit fabric you may want to size down due to the stretch.

3. When using a heavier or less drapey fabric such as linen or cotton

4. Personal preference. Some people prefer less ease and now that the Lou Box Top has 17 sizes, you should be able to find one with just the right amount of ease for your preference.

We hope that you found today’s post helpful. If you haven’t already purchased your copy of the Lou Box Top, it’s currently discounted to $10 until Sunday May 12, 2019 at midnight Pacific time. Happy sewing!