VIDEO Stuff I Made - Five pairs of handmade shorts

VIDEO Stuff I Made - Five pairs of handmade shorts

Hi sew friends! Today, I have a new round of "Stuff I Made” and today’s theme is shorts. I love wearing shorts in the summer so I thought that it would be fun to show you a few of my favorite pairs. In the video, I compare the design details of each of these women’s shorts sewing patterns and give a quick review and my size info. Click through to watch the video and get all the pattern details and links. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite and if you have a favorite shorts pattern.

Patterns are going to fit every body differently so how things fit me will not necessarily be the same for you. For reference, my measurements are approximately: upper bust: 35.5”, bust: 38.5”, waist: 28.5” and hips 39.5”. I'm also 5’11" with a relatively long torso. Watching the video, I’m also wondering if I would benefit from a swayback adjustment because a lot of my shorts have wrinkles above the bum. Some wrinkles definitely won’t stop me from wearing and enjoying these shorts but it’s something to maybe play around with in the future.

Miller Shorts by Seamwork

The Miller Shorts have a paper bag waist with a combo elastic and drawstring tie. I made a size 8 with no modifications. You can check out the full blog post here. And if you’re not a subscriber to Seamwork yet, here’s my affiliate link. If you use this link, you’ll get $3 off your subscription and I’ll get a free month.

Alexandria Shorts by Named Patterns

These shorts feature a drawstring waist, front pleats, angled pockets and a super cool dolphin hem. You can check out my blog post here. I made a size 8 with no modifications.

Palisade Shorts by Papercut Patterns

I made a size small and added 2” to crotch rise. These have a very slim fit. These were made as a wearable muslin and are unblogged.

Flint Shorts by Megan Nielsen

These shorts feature angled pockets and a unique closure/opening. I made between a size S and M. I dropped crotch 1.75” to accommodate my longer rise. These are unblogged but I did blog about the pants version here.

Spring Shorts by Peppermint Magazine

The Spring Shorts feature a paperboy waist and curved hem. I cut between 12 and 14, but used length for the largest size. I blogged about these shorts here.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this video! If you are not already, I would be so honored if you follow me on YouTube. I release about one new video a week mostly with sewing tips and tutorials and occasionally finished makes and pattern features. Happy sewing!