The only 6 tools you need to start sewing

Starting a new hobby can be daunting, especially when it requires investing a lot of money. The good news is sewing does not have to be an expensive hobby. Today, I’m rounding up the 6 tools that are absolutely necessary to start sewing (and, good news, you likely already have one of them). Including the sewing machine, these tools cost under $200. woohoo! All of them will last for years so your only further investment will be fabric and patterns, which let’s face can easily become an obsession.


1. Sewing Machine
This is a pretty obvious one and a sewing machine can cost very little or quite a lot. If you're not sure how committed you are to your new hobby, there's nothing wrong with buying a cheap machine. Or, even better, borrow one from a friend or family member. You probably have at least one friend with a sewing machine gathering dust in the closet. For years, I used the Brother CS6000i. It currently costs less than $150 on Amazon and comes with lots of accessories. It does a really great job for the price. Now I mostly work on a BERNINA 350PE as part of my ambassador agreement. They also have an entry level machine called the Bernette.

2. Iron
Good news is you probably already have an iron but if you don't, now is a great time to get one. Pressing your project is very important for making a good looking garment. (Make sure to check out my pressing tips here.) This little iron is again very affordable. As you move on in your sewing adventures, you'll probably want to invest in something more expensive but in the beginning all you need is something hot and steamy. ;)

3. Fabric Scissors
It’s important to have a pair of scissors dedicated to fabric. Cutting things besides fabric can dull the scissors and make it really hard to cut fabric again. So, get yourself a pair of fabric scissors and don't let anyone else touch them. 

4. Sewing Pins
I prefer the long pins with a ball on the end because they’re easier to pick up. Plus they're extra pretty. 

5. Seam Ripper
We all make mistakes but this little tool will help you hit the command-z on your sewing. Hot tip: If you buy a new sewing machine, a tiny seam ripper is often included. I find a bigger seam ripper easier to use but if you can't find it, the little ones come in handy.

6. Flexible Measuring Tape
When sewing clothes, you’ll need to take measurements of yourself to find the right size to sew. A flexible measuring tape will become your best friend in getting to know your unique body measurements. Hang the measuring tape around your neck and you'll be feeling like a total professional in no time.

Do you have any sewing queries or problems that you'd like more info on? Tell me about them in the comments. Happy sewing!