VIDEO How to Use a Rolled Hem Presser Foot

Learn how to use a rolled hem presser foot in this step-by-step video from Sew DIY

Have you ever looked at all the presser feet that come with your machine and wondered “what on earth to these things do”? Well, trust me, I’ve wondered the same thing. And today I’m going to demystify one of the most amazing of them all, the rolled hem foot, also known as a narrow rolled hem foot or hemmer foot. This magical little foot, rolls a very narrow hem along the raw edge of your fabric and stitches it in place. It’s great for when you want a very narrow hem and have a LOT of hemming to do. I recently used it on my Vogue dress which had an endless circle hem and it was perfect.

When I was using the Brother CS6000i, I purchased a rolled hem foot and practiced with it a lot but never felt like it was perfect. It was just ok. My Janome MemoryCraft came with the foot and for whatever reason it seems to work a lot better. That said, it’s definitely not perfect. The most challenging parts to sew with this foot are the beginning of the hem and when you sew over a seam. I know some people will hem before they sew the seam. I usually end up going back and correcting mistakes by hand or using the regular foot.

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