Video Tutorial - How to sew the Lou Box Dress 1 short cuff sleeves

Video tutorial - How to sew the Lou Box Dress 1 short cuff sleeves - Sew DIY

Hi sew-friends! Last week, I released the updated Lou Box Dress patterns and over the next few weeks I’ll be adding a few additional posts to the existing sewalong. These patterns are rated at a beginner level but everyone could use a little help now and then! Today, I’m sharing a video tutorial, showing you how to sew the short cuff sleeves of the Lou Box Dress 1 pattern. These cuffs are a little bit tricky to attach because they are a smaller piece fitting into a larger armhole but do not fear! I’m going to show you my methods for sewing them without any wrinkles or puckers.

DIY elastic waist dress with short cuff sleeves - Lou Box Dress by Sew DIY

Spoiler! We’re going to baste that baby first. Basting can often seem like a waste of time because you’re stitching a seam twice but if that seam is at all tricky, basting can save you a LOT of time in the long run. A few reasons why basting is awesome. Basting will hold the fabric together along the seam line like a test run. If the test run works out, you can just stitch right on top of the basting stitches. If it doesn’t work, you can remove a few or all of the basting stitches and baste again. If you dive right in to the shorter stitches but stuff gets messed up, you’re going to spend a lot more time seam ripping those stitches than you would have spent removing basting stitches. And as a sweet little bonus, basting stitches are really fast to sew and very easy to remove.

By the way, this dress is a mashup of the Lou Box Dress 1 and Lou Box Dress 2. You can check out the blog post about this dress right here. Let’s get on to the tutorial!

I hope that this video is helpful. Below is a quick recap of the steps for sewing these cuffs. You can also check out the still photos in the sewalong post here.

How to sew Lou Box Dress 1 Short Cuff Sleeves

Step 1 Stitch short ends of cuffs, pivoting at corners. Clip into corners and press seam open. Fold wrong sides together and press. Baste raw edges together, if desired.

Step 2 Pin cuff to arm opening matching seam in cuff to underarm and center of cuff to shoulder seam.

Step 3 Baste with the bodice of the garment next to the feed dogs. Check for any wrinkles. Re-baste if needed.

Step 4 Stitch cuff in place.

Step 5 Finish raw edge and press.

That’s it! You’re all done and if have a pretty little wrinkle free cuff. If you haven’t already, I’d be honored if you follow me on YouTube. There will be a new video next week showing how to sew the elastic waist casing for the Lou Box Dress 2 so stay tuned. Happy sewing!